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Welcome to Birdseye Profiles.

 We offer high quality Kemper
© amplifier profiles created with professional audio equipment in a controlled studio environment. Being musicians first, we pride ourselves on refining the process until each profile meets our high level of quality and usability.  We custom pick the microphone, position,  and mic preamp specifically for the amplifier being profiled. While monitoring through our ATC©© studio speakers we are able to adjust the position of each microphone to best suit the amplifier setting being captured.

We take the less is more approach, and take the guess work out of getting to the perfect tone of the amplifier in question. Giving you only what you need to get the most subjectively usable range of the amplifier being profiled. Each purchase includes a PDF detailing the name and tech process of each profile.

We also offer a custom profiling service on select amplifiers. Please be sure to check out our custom profiles page for more info, and to give it a try.

Since we pride ourselves on the highest quality possible your feedback is always appreciated. Please drop us a line with thoughts on our profiles and what you would like to see for future launches.

Enjoy and thanks for checking us out!

Jon and Jeremy 

  2 longtime friends, bandmates, roommates, and now owners of >

Birdseye Profiles

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